Our Mission is:

  • to bring souls to Christ…
  • with the truth of the gospel…
  • as revealed in the Bible…
  • as we worship and live the promise of salvation…
  • through Jesus our Savior…
  • while reaching out and supporting all people in their needs.

Our Vision is to:

Grow and be the spirit of true community in Christ by:

  • boldly going forth in faith, and
  • proclaiming the love and hope of Christ to our world

Our Values include:

  • Christ Centered living: Personal relationship with Christ through prayer & scripture study.  Teaching and equipping members to uphold & defend our faith
  • Adherence to the Lutheran Confessions
  • Sacramental & Liturgical Worship
  • Holy Communion; Baptism
  • Worship and Prayer Offerings
  • A Preaching Church in Word & Deed
  • Preaching the Gospel of Jesus
  • Living the Promise of Eternal Life
  • Serving our community in love by being open-minded, accountable, caring and being relevant to people in need of salvation and growth in faith