A Congregation of LUTHERAN CHURCH - CANADA in Calgary, AB

Sunday In-Person Worship - 10:00 AM

Classes for All Ages - will resume in September

Nuer Language Worship - 1:30 PM

Current Church Season : Pentecost

Upcoming Bible Readings:

Sunday, May 28 ~ Day of Pentecost ~ Numbers 11:24-30 ~ Acts 2:1-21 ~ John 7:37-39

Sunday, June 4 ~ The Holy Trinity ~ Genesis 1:1-2,4a ~ Acts 2:14a, 22-36 ~ Matthew 28:16-20

Sunday, June 11 ~ 2nd Sunday after Pentecost ~ Hosea 5:15-6:6 ~ Romans 4:13-25 ~ Matthew 9:9-13

Sunday, June 18 ~ 3rd Sunday after Pentecost ~ Exodus 19:2-8 ~ Romans 5:6-15 ~ Matthew 9:35-10:8



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Current sample:

 "Patterns of Evidence - The Moses Controversy" 

Featuring Timothy Mahoney

Did Moses write the first books of the Bible? Many mainstream scholars say NO! But the Bible states YES! Award-winning filmmaker Timothy Mahoney (Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus) is back again, bringing new evidence to light in the latest documentary “Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy.”

What Mahoney's investigation lead to is the groundbreaking discovery that the world's first alphabet actually originated in Egypt. Did the Israelites invent this alphabet in time for Moses to write the Bible?

This thought-provoking and controversial film asks hard questions of some of the world's leading experts in Egyptology, ancient Hebrew and early languages. Filmed in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Europe and the USA with stunning cinematography and life-like Biblical recreations, “Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy” will captivate audiences of all ages.

Explore amazing evidence for Moses’ ability to write the first books of the Bible. This small group study includes thought-provoking questions that will help you explore key scenes from the film and why it matters to our faith.

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